The TunnelSplitPipe – crossing smoothly and safely under the railway

The safest railway crossings are bridges or tunnels, but both solutions are expensive, time-consuming and disruptive. Microtunnelling is a good alternative to classic tunnelling or segment tunnelling, but this technique has not yet proved suitable for railway crossings due the large diameters involved.

SOCEA has now invented a solution for this. It is called the TunnelSplitPipe. It’s made of two semicircular segments that are assembled on site to make a complete pipe with a 4.2 m inner diameter. Since it comes in two segments, the TunnelSplitPipe can be transported by road without costing a fortune or damaging the environment. Once on site, the assembled pipe is jacked through using the classic microtunnelling technique. You could say that this solution is a unique combination of microtunnelling and segment tunnelling.

The TunnelSplitPipe means building railway crossings will become easier, faster, cheaper and less disruptive. The crossing can consist of one or several adjacent pipes. The large TunnelSplitPipe tunnels can also be combined with smaller classic microtunnel pipes for bicycle and pedestrian traffic.