SOCEA on site

SOCEA on site – a matter of flexibility

A pipe manufacturing unit close to the construction site? This is no Utopia, simply a matter of flexibility. When it comes to large waste water or water supply works, temporary on-site production units are a great option. A good example is the unit SOCEA built in Algeria. Usually, such units are built close to a cement factory. Furthermore, on-site units are organised and equipped in a very functional way, either in a temporary production building or in the open air. Once the work has finished, the entire unit is dismantled, leaving the site clear.

On-site production has several advantages:

  • It’s cheaper – substantial savings are made on transport costs
  • It’s easier – the project logistics are much simpler, as import formalities and special licenses are no longer needed
  • It gives added value – on-site production creates employment opportunities for the local population